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Our adult day care center, located in Mount Pleasant, SC, is dedicated to providing a comfortable and engaging environment for our individuals and their families.

Adult Day Care 41, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC; Passionate People Providing Compassionate Care

About Adult Day Care 41, LLC

Our center offers a unique opportunity for individuals to receive the care they need while being able to return home at the end of the day. From managing day-to-day needs to coordinating medical care, our compassionate staff is committed to ensuring that each client’s social and medical needs are met.

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Our History

Adult Day Care 41, LLC was founded by Caroline Habersham, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with over 40 years of experience in healthcare.

Caroline began her career working in hospitals but quickly discovered her passion for caring for seniors while working in a long-term care facility. After searching for options for her own elderly mother and finding none that fit, Caroline decided to open her own adult daycare center. Her mother and niece were the first two clients, and Caroline received her license for the business in 2013.

Caroline’s passion for caring for the elderly is what drives her and her team at Adult Day Care 41, LLC. With decades of experience and a deep love for her work, Caroline ensures that each individual receives the personalized care and attention they need to thrive.

Meet the Caregivers

Adult Day Care 41, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC Caroline Coaxum Habersham

Owner/Administrator of Adult Day Care 41, LLC

Caroline Coaxum Habersham

Licensed Nurse with 41 years of nursing experience, which includes Medical, Surgical, Pediatric, and Geriatrics nursing care.

Adult Day Care 41, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC LaNeka Jenkins


LaNeka Jenkins

Responsible for daycare participants’ transportation.

Adult Day Care 41, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC Mona Martian McCants

Participant Care Assistant

Mona Martian McCants

Provides personal care to daycare participants. Serves and assists with meals and activities.
Retired Licensed Nurse with 43 years of nursing experience.


Participant Care Assistant

Shernale Major

Certified Nursing Assistant with 10 years of experience.

Adult Day Care 41, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC Carmella Brown

Registered Nurse

Carmella Brown

38 years of nursing experience, responsible for participant assessments, care plans, medications, and health monitoring.

Adult Day Care 41, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC See What People Are Saying About Us

See What People Are Saying About Us

“Adult Day Care is family oriented and takes very good care of my sister. She loves attending and being with the staff and clients. Thank you so much for all you do, I recommend this daycare!”

Carrie P.

“Adult Day Care 41, LLC is owned and operated by a dear friend and Christian woman that I’ve known practically all my life. The building is clean and fully equipped! The caregivers are compassionate and skilled in the field of adult care! Your loved ones will be blessed and favored to have the experience of being cared for there!”

Andrea S.

“A fun, loving, and Christian atmosphere. Care and safety always come first.”

Gayle W.

“I am loving this facility because it is religious based and a woman of God is the owner.”

Ramona B.

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